Ep 8: The Future of Digital in Automotive with guests Siim Vips & Janek Prummel

In Ep 8 of Talking Automotive with Mark and John, we talk to two of the owners of Modera (and our sponsors), digital experts from Estonia. Siim Vips, a digital entrepreneur involved in a number of digital startups, and Janek Prummel whose extensive career has spanned decades in the digital space. We discuss why Estonia is one of the countries at the forefront of the digital and online space and we explore the history of digital in automotive. Siim and Janek share perspectives and insight into the trends of digital in automotive and the further accelerated digital change caused by COVID-19. We look to the future industry and talk about VR past and present. We also look into the challenges of digital implementation and dealing with legacy systems in automotive. Why the need for transparency and integrated systems which provide a range of other opportunities and efficiencies. If you like what you heard click to subscribe for notifications of our weekly podcast.

Production and editing by Ky Sinclair

Photos of Tallinn from Unsplash artists Karson   and Jacques Bopp   – Thank you